Heanney McCollum
Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach
Personal Trainer 
Fitness and Lifestyle Coach
Certified Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition

Heanney is a firm believer of the mantra “your body is a temple”.  After years of trial and error of dieting and challenges with her own health, she has developed a passion for wellness and fitness and has now turned it into a full-time job. As a certified personal trainer, Heanney has always trained her clients with an element of mindfulness. Working with women to help them achieve their long-term goals, Heanney's approach isn't about counting calories, but to guide and encourage clients to be mindful, practice self-love, challenge your body’s strength and nourish it with real wholesome food.

“There is no one diet that works for everyone. We are all unique individuals, and there are many factors that contribute to our well-being: age, lifestyle, ancestral backgrounds, different nutritional requirements and personal preferences, and recognizing and honouring our uniqueness is the key to a healthy and happy self”