Sofie Jacobs
Founder, Urban Hatch
Founder of Urban Hatch 
Exercise in Pregnancy Instructor
Optimal Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery & Healing
Pilates Teacher
Co-Lecturer with Fitness Expert Jenny Burrell

Sofie Jacobs graduated in Midwifery in 1998 in Belgium and since has lived and practised as a midwife in London before moving to Hong Kong in 2012. Between working in public and private healthcare, Sofie has nearly 20 years of experience in all areas of midwifery, helping parents-to-be from all over the world, of varying ages and backgrounds.  

With an inclusive, fresh and dynamic approach, Sofie has ample experience delivering babies, running pregnancy consultations, health and wellness workshops, corporate seminars as well one to one sessions. She recently created and launched Urban Hatch, a comprehensive online birth and baby preparation course. 

Sofie strongly believes that pregnancy, birth and having a new baby require a healthy and strong mind and body connection and sees mindfulness, exercise and nutrition as must-have tools for anyone expecting.