Annie Kirwan
Co-Founder, Project Revive
Co-Founder of Project Revive
MA Molecular Immunology
Pilates Instructor 
Yoga Teacher
Marathon Runner

Annie’s mission is to bring health and happiness to as many people as possible. As one of Ireland's most in demands teachers, she has dedicated her career to helping people move and feel better within themselves. 

A science graduate with a masters degree in molecular immunology, Annie has a fascination with biomechanics and a thorough understanding of the workings of the human body. She is a fully comprehensively qualified Pilates instructor, Yoga teacher and running coach and has travelled across the world to learn from the best educators.

Teaching is Annie’s passion, allowing her to bring science to movement. She works with some of Ireland’s top sports stars such as members of Leinster Rugby and Dublin Footballer. Her wide scope of experience and qualifications allows her to create beautifully and intelligently designed classes that get the most out of her clients.