About Compare Retreats

Compare Retreats is the booking portal and publication for the world's leading luxury wellness retreats that have been tried, tested and reviewed by certified health and fitness professionals.

A Note From Our Founder

Compare Retreats was born out of the belief that you shouldn't have to check multiple websites, call a friend and read more than one review before booking a brilliant wellness retreat. It's a concise edit of the best luxury wellness retreats in the world, supported by in-depth reviews written by trusted health and fitness professionals and retreat listings with abundant and transparent information.

I've been an editor most of my professional life, and Compare Retreats at its heart is an edit of the best wellness retreats in the world. I believe that retreats can improve our lives for the better and help us reach our full potential physically, mentally, emotionally and professionally. I also believe that it should be easy to find and book the perfect retreat.

The Compare Retreats booking portal helps you research and book any of the luxury wellness retreats featured on site, and the magazine offers a wealth of information and inspiration for wellness seekers. There are fantastic wellness retreats all over the world that deliver excellent results if you just know where to look and who to ask. These are the retreats I recommend to my closest friends and family so you can rest assured that this is the most trustworthy site to book your wellness getaway through.

I hope that Compare Retreats helps you decode the world of wellness retreats, saves you time and money, and most of all brings you one step closer to your goals.

Dervla Louli Musgrave
Founder and Editor in Chief