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What are Athletic Training Retreats?

  • Athletic training retreats are a set of healing and weight loss programmes where both men and women replenish, rejuvenate and revitalise their physical and mental state.

  • All the guests receive personalised training and guidance on nutrition and overall health and lifestyle.

  • Athletic training retreats are the perfect option for taking your fitness to the next level and boost your overall strength and endurance.

Are you thinking of reshaping your body and mind through diet and exercise? Perhaps you are training for your first triathlon or thinking about doing competitive sport but you want to give your training an extra edge. Our athletic training retreats combine both exercise and nutrition coaching to make sure that you get a short-term impact with long-term results. All athletic training retreats are facilitated by highly qualified personal fitness instructors and professional nutritionists who will work with you during your stay.

The workout routines include a broad range of low interval and high-intensity programs, such as TRX, spinning, pilates, HIIT, aqua aerobics, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Thai boxing as well as yoga, laughter therapy and meditation; with the core focus being fitness, nutrition and well-being. Arrival and departure wellness consultations are also available to make sure you keep track of your progress.

The athletic training retreats are available in many different locations around the world, where you will be able to enjoy a tranquil paradise with luxurious accommodation and extensive wellness facilities. You will also have the opportunity to visit tourist attractions and join different guided walking tours depending on the chosen destination. Are you ready to book an athletic training retreat and make it a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience?