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Retreats in Japan

Known for its rich traditional and contemporary culture, clean cities and of course, for being the birthplace of sushi, Japan is an excellent retreat destination where you can explore not only one of the most modern cities in Asia but also some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

With a long history of wellness traditions, such as onsen baths, retreats available in Japan offer a wide range of activities. They are divided into many different categories such as anti-stress retreats, solo retreats, boxing retreats, fitness retreats, luxury retreats, urban retreats, yoga retreats, and many more. Each of them are designed for you to reach specific goals whether you want to explore, learn new skills, get in better shape, or simply relax and disconnect. 

Retreats in Japan take place in the most beautiful locations, giving you the flexibility to choose between all-inclusive resorts, villas, and hotels around the country where you enjoy the outstanding hospitality that will make you feel like heaven.

Whether you’re looking to go to Japan by yourself, with your partner, with family or with friends, all our different retreats will help you achieve your wellbeing goals, catering to your specific needs. 

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