Neeleshwar Hermitage

7-28 Night Neeleshwar Hermitage Stress Buster Retreat


In an oasis of calm set in twelve naturally landscaped acres, Neeleshwar Hermitage which is built according to the traditional architectural principles of Kerala Vastu, is one of the most peaceful and luxurious resorts in India. The award-winning resort welcomes guests to escape from the stress and business of life to settle in one of their earthy villas (cottages) and enjoy the excellent service from the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner (2015) and most recently a winner of Asia's best beach retreat by Boutique Hotel Awards. 

Through the soothing practices of Ayurveda, this program aims to help guests relieve the stresses of city living. Daily rejuvenating massages and yoga sessions will help guests nurture the body back to peak health, with a focus on degenerative illnesses as well as neurological and stress disorders. Ideal for those looking to take a holistic approach to managing stress and anxiety, treatments will heal both the mind and the body.

Compare Retreats Exclusive Benefit: 1 x Complimentary 60-min Spa Treatment

The shown price is for the 7-night retreat—please contact our team regarding a longer stay. Retreat valid until 15th April 2021

price per retreat

Private Plunge Pool Cottage Package (per person)

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Private Plunge Pool Cottage Package (for double occupancy, per person)

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Sea View Cottage Package (per person)

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Sea View Cottage Package (for double occupancy, per person)

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Pool View Cottage Package (per person)

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Pool View Cottage Package (for double occupancy, per person)

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With 18 comfortable and spacious individual cottages spread across the resort grounds, there is plenty of accommodation. Enjoy private pools, sea views or garden views depending on cottage chosen and be welcomed by limitless sunshine and palm trees. Cottages are modelled on traditional fisherman's huts, offering the same facilities and teak floors with high ceilings and handmade wooden furniture.

Accommodation includes:
  • Ananda: Bliss
  • Ayur: Long Life
  • Bhakti: Devotion
  • Bhavana: Refinement
  • Dana: Generosity
  • Gyana: Insight
  • Karuna: Compassion
  • Maitri: Friendliness
  • Moksha: Freedom
  • Prema: Love
  • Sama: Equanimity
  • Santosh: Contentment
  • Shakti: Energy
  • Shanti: Peace
  • Sneha: Affection
  • Sukha: Happiness
  • Virya: Strength
  • Viveka: Discernment
The resort has two restaurants, both restaurants have stunning views and a selection of nutritional and delicious cuisine. 


Their Annapurna restaurant is the centre of the site. The restaurant specialises in authentic, predominantly vegetarian food. Their cooking skills are honed by ayurvedic teaching on the importance of taking care of the appearance, balance, flavour, enjoyment and nutritional effects of any dish.


They also have a beachside restaurant, the Meenakshi. There you can enjoy superb fresh fish caught by the local long boats that go out each morning, as well as breakfast, healthy lunchtime salads and delicious light meals.

They also have two bar areas at the resort, the Annapurna bar in the main restaurant and the Varuna bar which overlooks the pool.
  • Cycling 
  • Dining 
  • Sightseeing 
  • Bird watching 
  • Exploring the culture 
  • Exploring Malabar, Northern Kerala 
  • Exploring the Western Ghats (rolling hills with beautiful bio-diversity with various animal species) 
  • Cultural/Religious Festivals 
Standard Inclusions:
  • Compare Retreats Exclusive Benefit: 1 x Complimentary 60-min Spa Treatment
  • Arrival and departure transfer
  • Accommodation in a Deluxe Cottage
  • All vegetarian meals and all Ayurvedic drinks
  • One hour houseboat cruise through the enchanting local backwaters
  • Morning Signature tea
  • Bottle of wine
  • Ayurveda Treatments
  • Yoga Instruction for 60 minutes each morning
  • Consultation with resident Ayurvedic doctor
  • Rates are in Indian Rupees including taxes
  • Supplement (extra cost) from 15th December to 28th Feb will be INR 3000 Nett Per person per night

Ayurveda Sessions Per Person

7 night’s package: 6 sessions / 14 night’s package: 12 sessions / 21 night’s package: 18 sessions / 28 night package: 24 sessions

The Package will include combination of following treatments in consultation with the resident Doctor: 

Synchronised abhyanga

Rejuvenating whole bodies massage using medicated oil chosen according to body-type. Performed by two therapists working in tandem, whose synchronised movements harmonise the rhythms of all the body systems while enhancing proper and balanced energy flow through the gross and subtle bodies. Abhyanga increases blood circulation, lymphatic flow, relieves fatigue and aches and pains and generally relaxes and nourishes the body and strengthens immunity. It also relaxes the mind and smoothes the emotions.


Warmed and medicated oil is rhythmically squeezed from linen cloths all over the body by two therapists with a simultaneous gentle massage. This is a remedy for eliminating toxins stored in the body, that often manifest as arthritis, rheumatism, debility, nervous disorders and certain skin diseases.


Warm herbal bundles in cotton and medicated oils are applied to the effected area. Used to combat conditions such as stiffness, pain and inflammation, this treatment is recommended for a minimum of three days.


Cloth bundles filled with a preparation of medicated rice are soaked in a decoction of nutritive medicinal herbs and milk, and then rubbed over the entire body. The effect is highly rejuvenating, and treats neurological weakness, muscle wasting, degenerative diseases and certain types of arthritis and rheumatism.


In this treatment, medicated oil, chosen according to your body type, is poured continuously over the forehead in a gentle flow, accompanied by a gentle scalp massage. This delightfully soothing procedure is very effective in treating insomnia, mental stress and tiredness, anxiety, headache and migraine. 

Yoga at the Hermitage

Yoga is an indispensable aid to good health, bearing in mind that the W.H.O. defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and not just an absence of disease’. Our yoga programme at the Hermitage is under the tutelage of Shri Anil Kumar (DYS; PGYT). Anil studied at Kannur University where he gained a diploma in Yoga and Ayurveda, then at the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh, and finally at Swami Vivekananda Yoga University (SVYASA) in Bangalore, the most highly reputed yoga research institution in India.
Anil has been teaching classical Hatha Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga School) for eleven years. His emphasis is always on ease and naturalness, so that the body is cultured and the nervous system refined of its impurities in a gradual and systematic way. All our yoga classes take place in the Patanjali Yoga Hall overlooking the beach.

Meditation component: Supplement cost INR. 2750 for 2 days, INR. 4000 for 3 days and INR.6500 for 5 days per person.
This is also a variable option, depending on the interest of the client. Meditation is taught on a one-to-one basis, for 2 to 5 days. All the details can be arranged between the client and the meditation instructor.

Please Note:
"Each of the programmes / treatments outlined will begin with a consultation with our resident ayurvedic doctor. The consultation will last about twenty minutes and ascertain the clients case history, pulse diagnosis, blood pressure etc. to determine their body-type and modalities of treatment suitable to them. Therefore we reserve the right to modify the treatments described if deemed necessary by the doctor’s consultation".
“Treatments timing include Shower and Herbal body Scrubs”.

  • Airfare
  • Additional treatments

payment policy

  • Prices may fluctuate depending on season and availability—please contact our team regarding a longer stay


Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kerala 671, India

Northern Kerala, traditionally known as Malabar features empty beaches fringed by coconut plantations, peaceful inland waterways and lush hillside spice gardens. Along with an undisturbed rhythm of life set against the beauty of the ocean.

The resort is approximately two hours from Mangalore International Airport and between four and five hours from Calicut international airport. It is directly linked with the rest of the state by air, road and train.