Clinique La Prairie

6-Night Clinique La Prairie Master Detox Retreat Programme


Clinique La Prairie's Master Detox programme is specifically designed with three approaches: medically centred, personalised nutrition, and result-focused spa therapies. With these three approaches as its base, they ensure quality attention and support for their guests. The purpose is not to just detox, but to detox for you specifically.

Using genetic testing to discover details in your DNA that otherwise would be missed, the retreat tailors a nutritional programme to your needs and monitors your progress and success, with a focus on your metabolism and nutritional micro-equilibrium in order to correct along the way with medical checkups. The clinical and scientific approach to detoxing is balanced with beauty sessions, detoxifying massages, facial cleansing, cellular photostimulation and yoga to provides guests with an overall feeling with wellness.

The shown price is for the 6-night retreat — please contact our team regarding a longer stay. This retreat runs from Sunday - Saturday

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Accommodation & Retreat

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There are 50 rooms and suites overlooking the stunning views over the Alps and Lake Geneva. Living quarters are divided up to different locations, there are:

Le Château in its modern design is where you are welcomed to 23 light-filled spacious rooms and suites. Rooms include:
  • Imperiale suites - 181 sqm
  • Royale suites - 149 sqm
  • Executive suites - 65 sqm
  • Deluxe suites - 106 sqm
  • La Prairie suites - 58 sqm
  • Tsar suite - 78 sqm
  • Junior suite - 49 sqm
  • Deluxe Room - 44 sqm
  • Superior Room - 33 sqm
La Résidence is the most historical building that has rooms and suites overlooking a trimmed private garden and Lake Léman. Rooms include:
  • Niehans suite - 126-188 sqm
  • Bellevue suite - 82 sqm
  • Lake suite - 82 sqm 
  • Deluxe Room - 42 sqm
  • Superior Room - 39 sqm
Then there is the Medical Centre which houses twenty post-op medically equipped rooms, 2 junior suites and 4 suites for hospitalized guests to receive full comfort and luxury while recovering.
Aided with guidance from nutritionists, the Restaurant SEEDS by Clinique La Prairie is filled with nutritional meals aimed at improving their guests' health. Their food can be catered to each guest's individual medical results. Their philosophy is to create both exciting and nutritional dishes. They also have both the Lobby Bar and Cafe Spa which serves more lightweight food and provides a soothing atmosphere.
  • Cardio and Technogym weight machines (connected to an app called MyWellness)
  • Group fitness (Pilates, Stretching, Yoga, Aerobic, Step and more)
  • Personalized training
  • Swimming (Indoor pool and jacuzzi)
  • Hammam and traditional sauna room
  • Relaxation lounge with personal music player
  • Modern spa lounge with spa refreshments
  • Kneipp and hydrotherapy, ice fountain, sensorial showers
  • Medical check-ups and surgery
  • (Full board)
  • Accommodation
  • Limousine services to/from airport
  • 7 medical tests using innovative technologies:
  • Longevity Detox Check-up with 3 medical consultations: 1 check-up on arrival, 1 consultation for diagnosis and setting expectations, and 1 final wrap-up with recommendations for a healthy and balanced lifestyle 
    1. Nutri-DNA Test: exclusive genetic test, which assesses the body's capacities to eliminate toxins and to metabolize nutrients, as well as the risk of developing food intolerances and diet-related diseases
    2. Heavy Metals screening to determine overexposure and recommendations
    3. Minerals & Vitamins screening: advanced blood tests to detect possible deficiencies and correct them
    4. Heavy metal dental Check-up
    5. Antioxidant drip therapy
    6. Half-day reboot cleanse (non-invasive internal cleansing of the intestines)
    7. CLP Cellular Genomic Detox: exclusive one-month treatment composed of four 100% natural nutraceutical supplements with anti-inflammatory,  immunostimulatory and beneficial properties for the microbiota 
  • Special detox menus 
  • CLP Detox diet, with anti-inflammatory & progressive 7-day meal plan 
  • Dietician coaching: 2 consultations for developing a personalized nutritional plan based on medical results during and after the stay; presence of a dietician at all meals to help make the right food choices 
  • Private nutrition Masterclass 
  • One remote follow-up dietary consultation after the stay 
  • Daily CLP Swiss detox herbal infusions 
  • Clinique La Prairie Detox Signature massage 
  • Cryotherapy session 
  • Cellular detoxifying facial 
  • Cellular detoxifying body scrub & wrap 
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • 2 sessions of toxin cleansing infratherapy 
  • Deep cleansing facial 
  • Multi-sensory wellness experience: contrast hydrotherapy associated with Shirodhara treatment and reflexology 
  • Body composition test (Tanita) 
  • Personal training session with a coach 
  • Outdoor activity with a coach 
  • Two sunrise Aerial yoga classes (small group, max 4 people) 
  • Access to the fitness and wellness centers, including swimming pool, sauna, steam room, zero-gravity floating bed and vitality pool 
  • Airfare
  • Additional nights (might be booked) 
  • Alcohol 
  • Other medical treatments or surgeries 
  • Additional food or meals 
  • Other paid spa treatments 

payment policy

For an insurance covered stay, hospital bill would be sent directly to your insurer. Your insurer will have to send you a breakdown of legal entitlements (if any excess and quota share). However, ancillary costs (telephone, minibar, visitor meals, snacks, etc.) are invoiced at a later date and are paid by you.

Should you cancel the stay /program, modify the date of the stay /program, or reduce the number of persons reserved, the following policy will be applied:

  • More than 30 days before arrival: CHF 3000.- administrative fees if booking is cancelled, and CHF 1500.- administrative fees in case of date modification
  • 29 to 15 days before the arrival: 50% of the amount of the reserved stay will be charged
  • 14 to 8 days before the arrival: 75% of the amount of the reserved stay will be charged
  • Less than 8 days before arrival: 100% of the amount of the reserved stay will be charged


1815 Clarens-Montreux, Suisse

Found in Montreux, Switzerland, overlooking the shores of Lake Geneva, Clinique La Prairie brings you to the countryside of Switzerland which is known for its microclimate and diverse landscape. It provides a peaceful atmosphere for rest and reflection. Enjoy the view of the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva with the UNESCO heritage site, The Terraces of Lavaux nearby.