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5 nights / 6 days

5-14 Night Chiva-Som Weight Loss

Chiva-Som Health Resort
When it comes to weight loss, Chiva-Som recommend a healthy approach to nurturing of the body, rather than extreme changes or restriction...
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The shown price is for the 5-night retreat — please contact our team regarding longer stay. 2020: Peak Season Dates: 6.1 - 29.2 | 1.11 - 19.11. High Season Dates: 1.3 - 31.5 | 1.10 - 31.10. Off-Peak Season: 1.6 - 30.9
price per retreat from US$3,693
6 nights / 7 days

6-27 Night The Ranch Malibu Signature Fitness and Wellness Retreat

The Ranch Malibu
Famed amongst celebrities and executives, The Ranch Malibu is a results-oriented fitness resort that employs a 'no-options' philosophy wh...
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The shown price is for the 6-night stay — please contact our team regarding a longer stay (also available in two weeks, three weeks, four week-stays). Available year-round from Sunday to Saturday | Minimum stay one week | Longer stays available on request
price per retreat from US$7,800
4 nights / 5 days

4-Night Amanbagh Detox & Cleansing Immersion

Amanbagh's Detox & Cleansing immersion combats mental stress and bad food habits by eliminating the toxins in the body. Relieve the i...
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price per retreat from US$2,352
5 nights / 6 days

5-Night Clinique La Prairie Revitalisation Retreat

Clinique La Prairie
The Revitalisation Retreat is Clinique La Prairie's signature programme designed to restore energy levels and unlock the secret of youth....
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The shown price is for the 5-night retreat — please contact our team regarding a longer stay. This retreat runs from Sunday - Friday
price per retreat from US$25,585
6 nights / 7 days

6-Night Clinique La Prairie Private Retreat

Clinique La Prairie
Clinique La Prairie's holistic programmes offer guests an opportunity to slow down the ageing process and activate the immune system. Thi...
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The shown price is for the 6-night retreat — please contact our team regarding a longer stay. This retreat runs from Saturday - Friday between April and September
price per retreat from US$91,015

Do diet retreats work?

  • Yes. Diet retreats help you reach an optimal state of physical and mental condition with plans dedicated to weight management, gut health and overall healing.

  • Diet retreats include a variety of highly trained professionals who work with those looking to cleanse their system and kickstart their healthy lifestyle.

  • By going to a diet retreat, you’ll learn how to establish healthy living choices that will improve your life forever.

Following a healthy diet can help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve your memory, build healthy bones, boost your immune system and even improve your mood. Are you looking for an escape from your daily life and to learn healthy habits while exploring an exotic location? Then our diet retreats are exactly what you are looking for.

During the diet detox, nutrition experts will work with you to provide you with all the skills, techniques and knowledge you need to make a positive change to your eating habits.

All the activities can be built around your wellness goals tailoring fitness strategies, activities, and meals to meet your needs.

Many people choose to combine their diet detox with physical activities that include yoga, TRX, spinning, meditation and laughter therapy as well as massages and spa treatments. The professionals that work with us include highly qualified nutritionists, personal fitness instructors and certified teachers who will make the diet detox a life-changing experience.