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Why choose a retreat in Jordan?

Rich in culture, geography, and history, Jordan is not only a terrific vacation spot, but also a fantastic retreat location. Jordan is located in Western Asia, on the East bank of the Jordan River.  It is home to breathtaking ancient mountains, numerous nature reserves, and its “Rose City” which derives its nickname from its historic rock architecture that is rose in colour. Jordan offers visual wonderment whilst also providing calmness to the mind and peace to the soul. 

Bordered by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, the country’s geographic diversity plays a role in its varying cultural backgrounds, making it a perfect choice for a yoga retreat. Practicing yoga involves peace and mindfulness - and Jordan’s peaceful aura and cultural history certainly make it the ideal location. Finding itself in between Asia, Europe and Africa, you’ll also be able to immerse yourself in a new exciting fusion of cultures.

Christian retreats are also popular in Jordan. Why not strengthen your faith through a Christian retreat in Jordan, moving temporarily away from modernity and closer to God? Here, you can find yourself connecting on a much deeper spiritual level than you perhaps would at home, where distractions aren’t easy to avoid. 

When choosing your retreat in Jordan, you’ll choose a country that has culture and beauty in equal measure.