What You Need To Know About Enemas

Embrace a crystal clear colon | Image courtesy of Karim Ghantous
Embrace a crystal clear colon | Image courtesy of Karim Ghantous

You’ve probably heard the word ‘enema’ thrown around, but it can sound a lot like scary medical jargon rather than a simple health procedure you can perform yourself. A standard part of many detoxes, CompareRetreats.com is here to answer all those niggling questions you have: what is it, what are the benefits, and does it hurt?

What is an enema?

The word comes from Ancient Greece and means ‘to inject’. An enema is the process of cleaning the bottom part of your colon with water or a coffee/garlic/wheatgrass solution. Water goes in; waste goes out. They’ve been used for over a thousand years, by the Ancient Egyptians, Mayan empires and Medieval apothecaries. It is typically a medical procedure but has also become common in alternative therapies.

Feel lemon fresh | Image courtesy of Joanna Kosinska
Feel lemon fresh | Image courtesy of Joanna Kosinska

What are the benefits?

Enemas are used medically to empty the bowel before surgery, to relieve constipation, to administer medication, or on occasion as part of a contrast x-ray. As part of alternative medicine, regular enemas will flush out built up waste, cleansing your colon and preventing further build up. Enemas can relieve bloating, headaches, fatigue, allergies, aches and pains, and help with weight loss, digestion and mood.

What’s a typical enema like?

You hang a large bucket of the solution on the roof, gravity allows water to comes down from a tube, and you lie on board over the bathroom while water goes in and out. For further information on this subject, check out the video below: 

Does it hurt?

Enemas are not enjoyable per se, but studies suggest that they have profound benefits for your overall well-being which is why I endured fourteen enemas in eight days on one particularly intense detox retreat. It’s a little bit uncomfortable but not painful.

Should I try it?

Always consult your doctor before administering an enema yourself. If you choose to do one at home, ensure you have read the guides, watched the videos, and are in a clean, safe environment. All equipment should be sterile.

An enema is the perfect partner to a detox | Image courtesy of Toa Heftiba
An enema is a perfect partner for a detox | Image courtesy of Toa Heftiba

If you’ve read all the above information and are still curious but apprehensive about going the DIY route we would suggest booking a colonic instead. If you decide to give it a go, these five tips will help you through:

  1. Try to take in as much water into your intestine as you can.
  2. Try to hold it for at least one minute (try ten if you can) before releasing.
  3. Massage your stomach to ease discomfort.
  5. Put on some good music or an audio book.

Want to give enemas a go? Check out some of our favourite detox retreats to get your cleanse started.

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